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Please Contact Us to conduct Workshops & Seminars at your Venue.
These workshops will Endeavour the pillars (Young Generation) of our great nation with future Technologies.

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we conduct seminars in the following areas


 (For Both Science & Engineering)

1. Novel Drug Design for Genome Medicine.

2. Genome Computing Vs Conventional Quantum Computing.

3. Gene Traits and its applications..

4. Reasons Behind Cell Proliferation (Cancer).

5. CRISPR Technology for Data Science.

Computer Science

(For Both Science & Engineering)

1.Quantum Computing with Q#

2.Quantum Computing with IBM Q Experience

3.Alternate Quantum Computing 

4.Genome Computing

5.Particle Communications & Optical Computing (Peacock code) 


(For Both Science & Engineering)

1. Electron and it's behaviour in complex networks.

2. Electron data transmission in Tunnelling.

3. Electron's Internal Structure with photons arranged in it. 


(For Both Science & Engineering)

1. Maths behind Replication.

2. Maths behind Life Formation.

Material Science 

(For Both Science & Engineering)

1. Nano- Materials and their unique Properties.

2. Quantum Dots for Unique Identity. 


(For Both Science & Engineering)

1. Fundamental Nature of Particles.

2. Hands on Training on CERN Root. 

                                                                        More on the way...

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