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        Coding Photon Pvt Ltd (CPPL) deals with research and development in multidisciplinary areas by mainly focusing on Fundamental Quantum Information processing (QIP) of Photons with recent scientific nobel prize winning concepts from reputed organizations like CERN, Super-kamiokande, LIGO and GRCh 38. 

        Present day quantum computers work with qubits but at the end of the day still relay on binary code. Gottfried Leibniz who invented binary code did not function with 0's and 1's (ON /OFF) but with his internal genome triplet code unlike machines . Designing the machines with binary analogy have become tradition to the human race. The real quantum Computations are not binary at fundamental nature of matter but are being converted into binary for our convenience and leading towards artificial intelligence with artificial quantum science.


        To practically simulate the nature, there is a need for us to overcome the bit/qubit based computing approach. To understand these non-binary computations, we need to rely on the advanced sub-atomic particles' information which is available at reputed organizations such as CERN and Super-kamiokande. We in our present approach have integrated the derived data of particles into the specific gene of genome data which paved us a path to design and develop a novel code called “PEACOCK CODE”. We have classified the novel code with bosons and fermions’ internal information with run 1 and run 2 derived data obtained from CERN - Atlas and CMS opendata portal and developed a software prototype to explain the “PEACOCK CODE” which has the potential to carry out Quantum Information Processing of Sub-atomic data thereby standing as a model to design and develop Genome Based Quantum Processors.

        Research team at CPPL developed a novel algorithm with bosons interactions and termed the code as PEACOCK CODE (PCOC CODE- Particle Communications and Optical Computing). By utilizing the algorithm we are in the progress of establishing few products. Some of our outcomes in near future would be

  1. “VYAS” - World’s first Genome Based Quantum Processor.

  2. “SARV SRESHT SURAKSHA AADHAR” -  Unique Identities (UIDs).

  3. “SANJEEVANI” - Personalized medicine with Bosons.


 To endeavor the young generation with advanced science,

  • we train and mentor people from high school to bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Scholars belonging to multidisciplinary fields.

  • We also provide internships, conduct Seminars & Workshops on Advanced Scientific Information at various schools, universities and research organizations.

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