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Coding Photon Pvt Ltd (CPPL) specializes in multidisciplinary research and development, with a primary focus on Fundamental Quantum Information Processing (QIP) of Photons. We draw inspiration from recent scientific breakthroughs and concepts from prestigious organizations such as CERN, Super-kamiokande, LIGO, and GRCh 38.

In today's quantum computers, qubits are used, which ultimately rely on binary code. However, the true nature of quantum computations is not binary but is converted for our convenience, leading us towards artificial intelligence with artificial quantum science. At CPPL, we aim to overcome the limitations of bit/qubit-based computing and explore non-binary computations by incorporating advanced sub-atomic particle information available from organizations like CERN and Super-kamiokande.


 To foster advanced scientific knowledge among the younger generation, we offer training and mentorship programs for individuals ranging from high school to doctoral and post-doctoral scholars in various multidisciplinary fields. We also provide internships and conduct seminars and workshops on advanced scientific information at schools, universities, and research organizations.

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